Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 63: Make mistakes and learn from it

As much as I would like to be positive and all, I can't help but really feel bummed about what happened today. It started out fairly well however, towards the middle of the shift, the scorecards were released bearing results from yesterday's performance. Aaaaaand...I sucked. I was literally at the bottom of the list amongst the 21 of us. How awesome is that? (insert sarcasm here)

Being the competitive person that I am, I'm always hard on myself whenever I don't perform amd I could go on and on about every fucking feeling that I have right now but I'll spare you that. It's gonna be hard but I'm giving myself a chance. It's still too early to tell and I'm just starting out with the account and as what I said, there's still a lot of things that I need to learn in order for me to be better. I believe this is the best time for me to make mistakes and if I have to learn it the hard way then so be it.

Being at the bottom is both challenging and embarrassing not only to my teammates but also to my trainor and team leader. But also being at the bottom, as what I've learned before is not the end of it. If not, it gives you the opportunity to prove and improve yourself. And when you're down there, there's no other way but up. And yes, this is my way of comforting and reassuring myself that it's fine to be at the bottom, for now.

Anyway, enough of these hulabaloos. Let's go back to the topic of healthy living. After work, I went straight to the gym with my teammates. We did cardio for the first half and then we worked on the abdominal exercises for the next half hour. Since we did cardio yesterday, it was not that hard anymore however, the abdominal exercises was really killing me. I think I'm gonna be having a hard time pulling myself out of bed tomorrow morning.haha

So, was Wednesday kinder to you than it was with me?

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