Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 141 and 142: Mind over Matter

Today is my Monday and as with all Mondays, I don't ever want to start it, wishing hard Friday would come faster. But as my mentor said, it's all a matter of mindset and so shall it be.

Work was pretty much the same today and I decided I would make it better with how I react to certain things that come along my way. Well, it wasn't easy especially when someone is shouting at you over the phone but it definitely helped in making things lighter and it's easier to laugh things off than brood over it. I'm just hoping that everything will translate to a good score tomorrow.

On a totally unrelated note, my crush finally smiled at me earlier at work. Of course, I looked like a retard trying to suppress being so 'kilig' but doing such a really bad job at it. But it's a start. And it fuels up my inspiration jar everyday so I guess it helps a little in dealing with everyday dramas. I'm also hoping I can go to the gym by the morrow since I've skipped going for almost two weeks now and I'm gaining so much weight it's ridiculous.

Speaking of weight, I've been indulging myself with non-stop food fest for almost a week now and I don't mean to sound like a bitchy weight conscious freak or cray-cray but it's definitely not healthy anymore. I'VE.GOT.TO.STOP! Just yesterday, after doing a major shoe clean-up, my friends wanted to hang out and eat Korean food and although I have the choice not to go, I just can't say no to them. After eating everything spicy, we needed to eat something sweet so off we went to Maitre Chocolatier, which served the most delicious fondue ever! I swear, I'm not a fan of anything too sweet but that place has changed everything and it has become an instant fave. I'm definitely going back there.

Anyway, it's almost the weekend for most of you, any plans?

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