Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 139 and 140: Going French

Okaaaaay, so I just found out everything I've written last night have been completely wiped off because of crappy internet connection. It wasn't even saved in the drafts! Oh well, serves me well for being such a backlog queen. I hope my memory won't betray me this time.

Last Monday was my last day of work for the week which makes it technically my Friday, if you know what I mean. Having that said, my Monday night was spent in the company of friends over an ice cold bottle of beer. Work was a humdrum as always and there's no better way to cure such a stale environment than good food and booze. It was pizza and carbs and more carbs right after another and no room for regrets.

Although the place we went to just across my place almost got burned down (mildly exaggerating here) and we had to transfer to another place, we managed to have a good laugh out of it and enjoyed the rest of the night. I had to bail out early though because my eyelids were already pleading for rest and it pays to listen to your body once in a while. And because I came home late and the weather the morning after was unrelentlessly cold, I ended up separating from my bed late noon.

After taking care of some paperworks, I got together with some friends, this time to go French. We've been wanting to visit this quaint patisserie just a few blocks from home and it was about time we give in to our cravings. The place smelled nothing short of French goodies and I haven't seen so much wine in my twenty three years of existence. I'll post some of the photos once I get a hold of a computer (downside of having a tablet, ugh). It was definitely a good place to chill and I was so amazed I wanted to enroll myself in French classes at the school just beside the shop. What do you think?

We all went home after basking ourselves in everything French and we're already planning to go Korean the next day. I'm definitely looking forward to that!

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