Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 118: Favorite Place

For our second day in HongKong, our itinerary was The Avenue of Stars, Oceanpark and The Peak. The Avenue of Stars was just a ten-minute walk from where we were staying but since we had a toddler to think about, we decided to hail a taxi instead. Of course, the old taxi driver cannot understand a word we're saying, we had to go to a hotel and ask someone else. After a while, he finally understood and we arrived there in no time.

The Avenue of Stars has instantly become my favorite place once the driver dropped us off. Although it was scorching hot, it was the perfect place to chill out and read a book. It was one of the places I wish we had here in the Philippines without the pollution and all. Afterwards, we went to OceanPark via the most reliable train and we arrived just in time for the park's opening. I'll share to you some of our photos some other time because I'm just using my tablet.

We were supposed to go to The Peak and visit Madam Tassaud's but my sister got tired easily so we decided to head back to the city and visit Mong Kok to buy trinkets and pasalubongs. We went to tha Ladies' Market which was like our own version of Night Cafe way back home and they sell the cheapest shirts and keychains to bring back home. Once we bought everything we needed, I dropped my sister off to the guesthouse and decided to explore the streets of HongKong alone. I also went to the Museum of Art just near The Avenue of Stars and checked out China's history.

And since I had to buy food for my sister, I had to get back home before dinner and my feet was also about to give up from all the walking. All in all, we accomplished a lot on our second fay, although I would have wanted to visit The Peak but I guess, that's enough reason for me to go back then. Plus, I'm definitely visiting Macau the next time around!

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