Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 117: Happiest Place on Earth

As promised, here's the photodiary of our second day in HongKong. Disneyland was on top of our itinerary and since we didn't have anyone to take us there, we has to learn how to use the subway and the train in order for us to get there. It was a little confusing at first but we got the hang of it after a while. As I say, HongKong is very tourist-friendly and with a little research beforehand, we got to the park even earlier than expected.

Snapped this one while we were on the train :)

Learning how to use the subway

We tried this restaurant for breakfast. Chinese people have a weird taste.haha
Finally, on our way to Disneyland! Yes, the train on the way there was of course, Disney-themed. Even the hand holders are shaped in Mickey's head!

I love this castle at the back!

Pic with the princesses. Belle was so pretty :)

It was too hot when we got there that we got exhausted after a while of walking but we cannot just pass on the parade. We eventually found  shady place which had a good view and I snapped my heart away. This is definitely one of the happiest places on earth!

The lovely princesses in their Swan float

Hey there, Tinkerbell!

After the parade, we decided to head on to Ngong Ping and try out their awesome cable car ride. When we got there, it was about to rain and it was so windy that it made the cable car experience even more thrilling. At the end of the ride, I went to see the Giant Buddha while my sister and Gab stayed in a nearby cafe.

Yes, Gab was asleep the entire time on the way there and we had to carry him all the time. Whew!

On the way to the Giant Buddha

After exploring the place, we headed back to Disneyland to buy some trinkets and then headed back home. It was very tiring but fulfilling all the same.

Don't forget to check out our Ocean Park experience in my next post! :)

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