Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three in One

What better to start the year than with an outfit post. Well actually, the outfit (or should I say outfits?) that I'm wearing is just a large cloth I found on the closet. I immediately fell in love with the print of this fabric when I first saw it and I was actually supposed to take it to the tailor to make it into a dress but I never found the time for it (or tinatamad lang.haha )

What I actually wore on the first day of the year was not blog worthy so I toyed around with this fabric and made myself three outfits instead. Take a look at what I did with it.

1. Maxi Dress

I just draped it around my body and tied it on the side. Then I added the red belt for a solid color in contrast with the busy print. This is definitely something I could use on formal events and if I get the belt out, I could also use it on the beach for the summer. Talk about double purpose! 

2. Grecian Inspired

The second look I came up with is something I could wear going out with my friends. I just folded the cloth and tied it near the shoulder area and et voila, a very sophisticated and fancy dress! 

3. Micro Mini Dress (aka The Hoochie Dress)

Okay, this last one is totally not me.haha. For this one, I folded the cloth into half and just left the rest of it draped on the side. I call this one the Hoochie Dress, something that only people like Miranda Kerr can pull off without looking tacky.haha. 

I apologize for the appearance of those slippers at the back.haha

I wore everything with a bangle from What a Girl Wants and a ring from Aizilym. The shoes I'm wearing is still from Spruce, the same one I wore HERE last Sunday. I especially love how it looks so sexy on any feet and it really elongates the legs.

So, which look wins for you? I'd love to hear what you think!



  1. I love your maxi dress!

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  2. WOW! I love your outfit here ♥
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  3. Awesome shoes:3

    New follower here. Happy new year and God bless!