Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bringing Christmas to the Streets

It's two days before Christmas and a lot of people in my hometown doesn't have any house to live in or are still wondering where to get their next meal for the day because of the typhoon that happened recently. 

But despite all of this, many people who were fortunate enough to not be affected are all trying to help in their own ways. And a group of individuals thought of something to do to make this Christmas a merry one for all those who are affected by the typhoon. Come Christmas day, we will go to the streets and spend it will all my fellow Kagay-anons.

To those who can't go out on Christmas Day, you can drop off your donations at Parasat Cable Tv, whether in cash or in kind. If you need more information about this, visit this page

Let's all go out and celebrate Christmas like never before!!


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