Monday, December 5, 2011

Nail Art Craze and more!

 One of the reasons why I love December is the annual festivities in my Alma Mater which is called the Xavier Days. When I knew that my batchmate Rachi was opening her booth on the day of the festivities, I got really psyched. She designs and sells this cute and colorful accessories at a really affordable price.

Personalized keychains/nametags.
I don't know exactly how she does it but I know she uses polymer clay to make these accessories. She designs accessories like personalized keychains and bracelets and really unique earrings. There are really lots of cute designs to choose from and everything is very colorful.

So many unique earrings to choose from.
More designs!
 And aside from that, she was selling some nail art designs too and for those who don't know how to apply it, she also hired someone who can do it for them. I have been itching to try on this nail art craze so I just had to visit their booth. And my, I got really confused on what design I should put on.haha

Nail Art Designs
Some of the samples caught on cam.
It took me forever to choose a design but in the end, I ended up choosing this:

Of course, I got it in my favorite color!haha 
A closer look.

It took me almost two hours waiting in line because she really had a lot of costumers but it was all worth it. 

If you want to see more of her designs, you can check out her Facebook page here. You can also see her contact details on that page.

I'm gonna be posting more about the XU Days in my next posts so don't forget to visit! 

*some photos grabbed from Rachi's Facebook page.



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