Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Xavier Days!

Okay, I promise this will be my final post about the Xavier Days I went to last week. As I have mentioned in my past entries, the event is usually held every first 3 days of  December and it is celebrated in honor of the saint our school was named after, St. Francis Xavier.

It is one of the most awaited event not only among the students of our school but some people from other schools come to visit to. I wasn't there during the opening but I came to visit on the second and third day and still, I had a lot of fun!

Cosplayers roaming around.

Even if deemed unhealthy, we still tried some of the street foods. Delicious!

Booths were put up around the field, with people selling different kinds of food, clothing and accessories. There were bands playing really good music throughout the day, there were free hugs given by random students, and cosplayers roamed around delighted with the picture taking.haha

There were booths all around the field.

Some booths were offering services like henna tattoos, face glitters and nail art. Since my friend was one of the owners of the booth, I tried the nail art craze too, click  here if you wanna know which design I got. 

Some kind of a message board.

People were sitting in the field just chatting and having a good time.

Although there were a lot of people who came during the day, it was at night when the number of people tripled, just going in and out of the school. And I'm not surprised because even if there are a lot of activities in the morning, the school really looked beyond spectacular during the night.

Lights! :D

There was a party going on on that side of the field.

It is already a tradition that during the event, the different colleges join a contest entitled "Light a Tree". Each of the colleges including the Grade School and High School were given a tree in which they would decorate with lights and other adornments which is then lighted up at the opening and the succeeding nights thereafter.

Some of the lighted trees I was talking about. 

I had to take a picture with the College of Nursing tree.haha

My date that night, Yani, now studying Medicine.

I believe during the first night, they even lighted up sky lanterns at the field, the same one in the Up movie. Too bad I wasn't able to witness it, I only saw it in the pictures.

View of the chapel inside the school.

Another one of the decorated trees from Engineering I think. 

And even if we graduated already, when I went there, I saw a lot of familiar faces from high school and college who couldn't dare miss the event. It was really great catching up with the people I haven't seen for months, even years.

Statue of St. Francis Xavier

It was during the third night that I really had a lot of fun. I met up with Yani to go to the Alumni Homecoming, which I blogged about here. But because I came home early, I wasn't  able to watch the fireworks display which was also a tradition to end the festivities. And I couldn't help but get envy because there were really good feedbacks about it. Some even said it was the best fireworks display in the entire history of Xavier Days. Dang!

Some of the fashionable college friends I was with.

Can't wait for next year's XU Days! And I will never miss the Fireworks Display again.haha



  1. i missed the whole event..damn! but thanks sa update biang c: wala mo nagsulod sa horror house? hehe

  2. looks like a very fun event! Glad you had fun. :)
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