Monday, December 5, 2011

Reminiscing the Past

After 5 years, I met again the most wonderful people I shared my high school life with. It's amazing how after all those years, we were still the same goofy people despite the fact the most of us are professionals already in our chosen fields. And although it was short-lived for me, it was definitely one of the best moments shared with the best people.

Again, this was one of the highlights of the Xavier Days I was talking about. In line with the festivities, a Grand Alumni Homecoming is being celebrated by the Xavier University High School alumni, sponsored by batch and this year's sponsor was XUHS Batch '87. I have been attending this event since I was in college and this year was even more special because it marks our 5th year since we graduated.

Event held at the Covered Courts

 And since there is a sponsor every year, everything is FREE. From the food to the beverages and of course, booze! I was actually having second thoughts of going because I used to come with my barkada in the past but two of them were too busy to come. Good thing Yani was there and I was also able to really catch up with some of my good friends from highschool.

Some of my really good friends from high school.
Highschool batchmates having fun.

And since it's our 5th year already, some of my batchmates suggested a batch shirt which makes me feel guilty right now 'coz I didn't buy. I have no excuses.haha. But seriously, it really feels good to catch up with friends from way back and it makes me proud how most of us are professionals already. Oh, how time flies!

with Amer and Krissa, both wearing our batch shirt.

If you are wondering why most of the people here are guys, that's because our school was an all-boys school way back and it only opened up for girls in the year 2000 I think. That explains the FREE Booze. I swear, beer doesn't go MIA on that event.

View of the stage.

Almost all guys!haha

After the event at the school, most of my batchmates decided to continue the party at another venue which again, I didn't come. I don't wanna give the impression that I'm such a buzzkill, it's just that I'm not really used to that lifestyle. Partying, I mean. I'm more of the stay-at-home-on-a-Saturday-night-reading-books person. And I live far from the city so I don't have a ride when I get home. Excuses!haha

But for what it's worth, I kinda' regret not going there because judging from the pictures that I saw on Facebook, they looked like they had a lot of fun. I promise next time, I will really come. Perhaps on our 10th year? Definitely!

*some pictures grabbed from batchmates' Facebook account.



  1. dang! i missed the homecoming. i will not miss next year's. haha.

    -chi, xuhs batch 2004

  2. Vy! I dint know they went to the Bridge to continue partying. Let's go together next time. Chose not to go kay mabyaan si Kring and Binqui. :(

  3. This made me miss my HS friends, BIG TIME! They had a mini reunion over the weekend but I missed it. :(

  4. i have friends from Xavier and i believe i heard about this na before. but still, sponsors for everything? that's awesome!

    hope to see more of you CDO fashion bloggers btw-- build a community na like us in cebu and manila!:)

    nice to discover your blog:)


  5. Aww. Reunions are the best! Glad you had a good time. :)

  6. what a creative post, biang^^ more power to your blog