Saturday, December 10, 2011

Surprise guest

I was supposed to publish an entry about a local fashion show last Friday by designer Benjie Manuel but the weather lately has been very bipolar and it rained so hard that I didn't get to go. Dang! I really missed a good show.

Anyway, I'm back with my Sunday Snapshot and the clothes I'm wearing haven't been used in a long time. Yesterday, I raided my sister's closet and I found a lot of clothes that were still very wearable but for some reasons, has been left inside the closet untouched. There were a lot of vintage finds and I even found an oversized polo from my dad which looked really cool when I tried it out. 

AWKWARD pose.hmmm
Black top and shorts from my sister, now mine.haha. Belt from SM Accessories
Random earrings I found tangled all over my accessories.

Accessories all from Aizilym

Parisian flats.
Surprise! Surprise! I've decided to include my sister for this outfit post and I kinda' regret it now 'coz I think her photos look better than mine.haha.kidding! She's the one who has been taking my pictures ever since and this is her first appearance so she got a little awkward posing at first. I told her to just copy what I usually do which even got more awkward for her.haha. But she got the hang of it after a while.

Dress from Redhead, I forgot where her sandals were bought and gray sweater borrowed from me.

Earrings borrowed from me.

Bracelets still borrowed from me.

And the ring from Aizilym.

I applaud her for posing outside the house while I stayed inside because I was still too chicken to pose outside with a lot of people passing by.  I promise next time, I'll brave all the stares to give you more quality photos. Nevertheless, I had fun styling her and she was very cooperative all the way.

Yesterday was my older sister's birthday, I'll be posting all about it tomorrow. I'll see you then!



  1. Love the simplicity of your outfit and your adorable cat ring! :)

  2. I love the red belt and my sister takes my outfit shots as well. Sometimes, my boyfriend does. Hehe. I couldn't care less on what others think when we do the shots. :)

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    Now i'm following you! ;) ;) i hope you continue Visit my blog <3 THERE IS A NEW POST!!!

    great post, cute pictures :)


  4. great post, love your shorts :)

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