Monday, December 26, 2011

The Scene Stealer

Yesterday, while I was browsing through some blogs, I came upon the blog Etallasa of Rhea from my hometown of Cagayan de Oro City. I was reading her entries when I found out that she was doing interviews with famous people from the fashion world. I was really amazed with how she did it that I thought of doing something like it on my blog.

The first person that I wanted to feature on my blog is Ms. Lissa Kahayon. She is one of the top fashion bloggers in the Philippines along with Ms. Kryz Uy, Ms. Camille Co, and many others. Dubbed as the Scene Stealer, as her blog is entitled, she really exudes a unique personality that everybody loves. 

Here is the short but very informative Q&A with her:

1. Who is Lissa Kahayon? 

I'm an entreprenuer, freelance stylist and a fashion blogger. I graduated with honors last year from DLSU Manila with a degree of Behavioral Science. My first job was an assistant to Fashion Stylist, Liz Uy.

2. When and how did you start blogging?

I started 3 and a half years ago thru fashion site, Chictopia. I started Scene Stealer last May 2011. 

3. What is your greatest achievement so far? 
Graduating with honors and being able to work for Liz Uy. It was an incredible experience. 

4. Who would you be or what would you be doing in 10 years?

I'll be 32 by that time so hopefully, I'm happily married and still doing something related to fashion.

5. What is your greatest dream [no boundaries]?

Have my own store and I really really want to be able to give back to my friends and family. To be able to say to my parents that there's no need for them to work anymore because I can already provide and take care of everything.

6. Tell us something we don't know about you yet.

My childhood friends used to teased me that one day, I'll be a nun. I was so active in Church activities and I read the bible every single day.

7. What irritates you the most?

People who have no sense of time, waiting can really tick me off.

8. Who inspires you everyday?

My family and friends, the things I see around me, my fellow bloggers.

9. Do you consider yourself famous? Why or why not?

Not really. I'm just really grateful that there are people who appreciates the things that I love to do.

10. What advice can you give to your readers or fans?

Live your dream, it's not easy and it will take time but as long as you continue doing what you're doing and if you have a good attitude, nothing is impossible.

It's really an honor to be able to feature a very dynamic fashion icon such as Ms. Lissa Kahayon. She is such an inspiration to a lot of people and we'll definitely be seeing more of her in the future.

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  1. kaya lang suplada siya sa personal. I saw her in one of the Bazaar, nakasimangot kaya walang lumalapit sa kanya, kailangan pang yong mga follower niya ang lumapit, hindi siya tulad ng ibang Fashion Blogger :(

  2. Hi Anonymous, that's a common misconception about me, I don't really mean to come off as masungit, I'm really, really shy and I tend to clam up but don't worry, I'll improve on it. Thanks for the comment though :)

  3. thanks for clearing that up Ms. Lissa. :)