Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pregnant on a Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone! And yehes, I am back with an outfit post! I apologize for the backlogs, for deliberately missing my snapshot last Sunday, and for the poorly constructed title. If you'll read along, you'll understand why. 

The entire week has been so depressing and yet fulfilling at the same with it being spent in the relief operation sites for the victims of the typhoon Sendong. It wasn't easy but I know, my fellow Kagay-anons will be able to bounce back from this catastrophe and bounce back stronger of course.

Now on to my outfit. The dress I'm wearing is from my sister which I accidentally found while I was rummaging in her closet a couple of weeks ago. It was actually her maternity dress when she was still pregnant with Gab and since she gave birth, she never wore it anymore. It was too pretty to just let it sit in the closet and even though it was a size bigger than I usually wear, somehow I found ways for it to fit me.haha

Maternity Dress from sister.

Random white belt.

Rings from Aizilym

The shoes I'm wearing is from Spruce which was also a gift from my friends plus I was also able to use the gift certificate I won from them during the Xavier Days. I was already eyeing the Hailey shoes but when I went there, they don't have it anymore on my size so I opted for this one. What do you think of them?

Red Bangle from SM Accessories.
Shoes from Spruce

Anyway, I have a couple of posts sitting on my draft and I'm actually a little sick right now (boo!)  so I'm hoping I'll be feeling well soon so that I can update you more in the coming days. And just to make it clear, there's no baby, okay?haha

So, how was your Christmas celebration everyone? 



  1. I love the shoes. =)

    Merry Christmas! =)

  2. i'm all for the shoes! happy christmas :)

  3. Your shoes are sexy!!! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

    Kisses! xxx