Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishes on Airplanes

11/11/11 11:11pm. Yes, I intentionally published this entry at this time. Why? I don't know exactly. Well, you can call me superstitious or just merely crazy enough to put meanings to this, let's say, unusual and one of a kind date. It only happens every 100 years and a lot of people are interpreting this as some kind of fate or destiny that something might happen. Some of my friends even value the 11:11 as the time for making wishes if you want them to come true.

I am not the superstitious kind, believe me, but it wouldn't hurt if I do a little wishing for this post, right? Besides, this post wouldn't be made if fairy godparents or genies were true. But, sadly, they're not, so I'm taking my chances on this.. Actually, if I wish my heart out, I might even need to post a second entry, but don't worry, I'll make three wishes only. They may not be tru but I have respect for genies, you know.haha

Okay, first things first.

Many people have different take on what sucess is for them.For me, it's simple. I don't need a high profile job nor do I dream of being the richest person in the planet. As cliche as it sounds, success for me career-wise, is waking up everyday going to work (oh, I wouldn't even call it work) wishing everybody is as happy and satisfied and contented as I am. For now, I don't know exactly what that work would be but it should be something that I'm really truly passionate about.


I know I've always told my friends how I'm never gonna marry and that I would enjoy being single forever than to share my life with someone else. Well, that is not entirely true. As much as I deny myself of that, I'm a girl. And I silently dream of sweet surprises, late night cuddles, getting engaged and marriage. 

But what I told my friends is not entirely false either. I'm still young and I have so many more things to do. Things that should be done on my own. It sounds selfish I know but I'm not rushing things. I still have a career to establish, a world to travel (although, traveling with someone special is not entirely a bad idea) and a person to be with, which is me. I have to give myself to me first before I give it to others. And by the time I'm ready to be with someone, I would be able to give my whole self to him. So for now, yey to a carefree single life!!!

Third but definitely not the last 'coz believe me,  there's a whole lot to wish for.haha

Truth be told, this should have been number one on the list. But, you know, I kinda' need moolah for me to able to travel the world. Maybe a career that involves travelling wouldn't be such a terrible idea, would it? In fact, it's a great idea, hitting two birds with one stone. But, it's not yet possible this time so I'm keeping it that way for now. 

I wish I would be able to live long enough to be able to travel the world, learn about different languages, immerse myself into different cultures and eat the most delicious native delicacies. I have a read an article about why we should travel while we're still young and it really captured what my heart is screaming in terms of this dream. I'll share it to you on my future entries.

So yeah, that's about it. Of course, world peace and ending poverty or hunger is also on my list. But, you know, that kind of thing cannot be solved by me alone that's why I haven't put it in my top three. And also, though it wouldn't hurt to wish, prayers are all the more powerful. We should only not wish or dream, but we should also pray for those dreams. 'Coz God may have different plans and a different set of wishlist for us to, although we may not know or understand at the moment. 

I know I've already used up my three wishes but this one is also on my wishlist and I have to share it.haha

Call me shallow or materialistic, but hey, as I've said, I'm a girl. And shoes are definitely not going MIA on any girl's wishlist.haha

So I hope you keep wishing and praying for the one's on your list. And I'd love to hear it too.



  1. Hello Biang,
    That's a nice blog and I really loved going through it. Would love to see more posts from you soon. Keep them coming.
    Would you mind following each other???

  2. Lahat naman yan wish naten!! Hahaha!! Cheers! May all your wishes come true! ;)