Saturday, November 12, 2011

Falling in love with print

As I am writing (or typing) this entry, people outside my room are howling and shouting. You wanna take a guess why? It's Manny Pacquiao's fight today and Philippines once again is enjoying a zero crime rate for at least a day. Okayyy, so my sister sudeenly interrupts and tells me how insignificant my introduction is to this post so I better start now. 

As I have posted last Tuesday, I went to my friend Zhy's house to get a dress she has been raving about. I would've fitted the dress at home but she insisted I fit it right then and there. So being the obedient friend that I am, I did fit it. And to my delight, aside from the fact that it fit perfectly,it was in my favorite color and I immediately fell in love with it's print!   

I think I should smile less often.haha
So Zhy told me that I should wear this on my next snapshot and she even suggested how to wear it and what shoes I should use it with. Yes, she is very familiar with most of my stuff. hahaha.

Bright yellow nailpolish is love!

These pictures were taken on a Saturday just because I was too excited to shoot already. And thank God we did it earlier 'coz I didn't expect a lot of people were coming to our house for the Pacquiao fight today. Apparently, my dad and sister decided to have it on pay-per-view so my dad's friends came to watch. Gahd, I have to stop talking about this fight! haha

Yes, this was also Zhy's suggestion.

Anyway, I already have an outfit for next Sunday's snapshot. Yehes, I'm beyond excited so keep posted! 

P.S. Pacquiao won! haha

Items on this look:

  • Dress from Mags
  • Belt from SM Accessories
  • Shoes from Primadonna
  • Necklace bought online from Fab Finds
  • Other accessories from Aizilym



  1. getting better and better biang! basin mashock na ko next time, ga-gown na ka! the napil color too! and congrats sa new header! mas bagay sa blog name ;)

  2. ivy! HoEmGee! I ♥ the look! lisod mag mix and match for animal prints but girl no sweat kaayo ka! Kering-keri ng vongga!!! ^^, not to mention, Genius kaayo imong header! full of hearts for your vlag! kudos!

  3. you are absolutely gorgeous, and i love your style! pretty accessories you have there. :)

    i really enjoyed your blog, and following, so hope to be back! hoping we can stay connected. :) cheers!