Sunday, November 6, 2011

Any way the wind blows

Okay, this is just my usual Sunday Snapshot but I decided to change the title. I figured if this was gonna become something of a habit or  tradition, I better think of other titles aside from that and be more creative. You're gonna find out in a little while what my title is all about.

On my last post, a friend and a co-blogger by the name of Eunica suggested that I don on something more girly and to wear heels for my next snapshot. I was actually already thinking about that. So when I read her comment, I was already frantically scanning my mind on what to wear.haha. I decided to wear something simple for a start and this was actually taken outside of the house after the afternoon mass. Yehes, you read it right, I finally had the courage to go out and pose. Thank God only a few people were passing by.haha

I have to find a much better place soon.

Parisian wedges.

When we did the shots, the photos actually look okay on the camera, but when I saw it in the computer earlier, I realized my sister forgot to get the flash on and the photos looked so dark. I had to tweak some of it to make it clearer. 

Now on to my title. This is one of those days when I woke up at the wrong side of the bed. I was totally grumpy the whole morning and didn't wanna talk to anyone. But when afternoon came, my mood totally changed. What's that word? Bipolar. I google-d a synonym for being moody and that phrase came up on top of the list. Hence, the title. My emotions basically go any way the wind blows.haha

I love my neon pink nailpolish!

I'm not even so sure how I'm feeling right now. I guess it's a mix of the worst emotions there is. Well, not really the worst, but the not-so-good ones. I think hormones are to blame too, the price to pay of being a woman.haha

What I wore:

  • White dress thrifted at UK 
  • Gray-ish blazer from SM Department Store
  • Parisian wedges
  • Purple watch gift from Yani
  • bracelet bought online from Dij Fab Finds
  • Rings from Aizilym

I sincerely hope your Sunday went better than mine.



  1. u can accessorize ur dress with a brown belt too :)

  2. wear white watch instead pra match all filir mag coment!

  3. thank you for your suggestions guys..yah, i only realized there was supposed to be a belt after the pics were taken.haha

  4. i was thrilled to read my name! yaaay! i heart the rings and the nail polish biang! my gosh, i will be looking forward to sundays for your posts nah!

  5. lovely outfit :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  6. we have the same wedges! glad to have found another kagay-anon blogger. followed you!