Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Review of my Firsts

Apologies for the dramatic entries I have been posting lately. Let's all set that aside for now and head on to some other matters.

Actually, this entry has been sitting way too long on my draft and I guess it's time I publish it before November ends. Weeks ago, I paid Booksale a visit and of course, I didn't left empty-handed. I bought the November issue of a local magazine called Preview and a couple of books.

I have always been an Ok! magazine loyalist and this is actually the first Preview magazine I ever bought. The styling of the featured artists on the cover was so breathtaking that I cannot put the magazine back on the racks. I just had to buy it.

Isn't the styling lovely? I especially loved that shoes Julia Montes (the one on the left) was wearing!

Another blogger and It-Girl Ms. Divine Lee was featured.

If you wanna be a stylist, u should definitely buy this kind of magazines.
The magazine was quite thick because of the handful of ads but I was pretty impressed with it. Really a magazine for the ones who are inclined to fashion. They tackled the latest in trends not only in terms of clothing but also in make-up. I wish I could just tear up those pages and bring them along with me everyday as an inspiration.haha. 

I never regretted choosing this one over the ones I was used to and I think I might be buying more of these in the future. 

For the first time also, I bought a book that was a compilations of stories of a number of authors, 5 specifically. Aside from the fact that it only cost less than a hundred, I was also drawn to the highlighted authors listed on the book. There was McNaught, who captured my heart with her book Double Standards  and Deveraux, who garnered really good reviews from my friends. The book was not in it's best shape but I just had to buy it.

The stories were almost alike especially with Cates and Kane, the plot being a little too obvious. Deveraux and McNaught still put up a good one despite the story being short and O'Brien was not memorable. I'm sure it was also good but I really can't remember her story. 

I also decided to buy my first Deveraux novel. As I have said, she was adored by my friends who had already read some of her stories. I'd say that she is overrated but I'd have to read another book of her before I conclude that because I was really disappointed with this one. I guess the story is not that bad but I was kinda' expecting more from her. I promise you, I would buy another one and maybe it could change my mind.

Currently, I am reading another Deveraux book, which I'm hoping would be better than this one. I'll give a review after I've read it already.

On another note, aren't you excited for Christmas? I know I am!


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