Friday, November 4, 2011

Going Japanese

I apologize for the poorly constructed title, it might lead to false conclusions but I'm really running out of clever titles to post. So, please bare with me.haha

Anyway, me and my friend Nazimer met again today and when she asked why I invited her, I just said, I missed her.haha. I actually had something to talk to her about, which concerns my future employment and it's alternatives. We decided to eat at Teriyaki Boy, a Japanese restaurant at SM. I was only able to eat here once since it opened so we decided to try it out. Again.

We both wanted Mango shake.haha

She ordered Oyako Don, a chicken cutlet on top of steamed Japanese rice. I, on the other hand, opted for their bestseller, the Katsudon. It is a breaded pork cutlet, deep fried and simmered in sweet soy sauce with beaten egg, on top of a steamed Japanese rice. The two dishes were actually really good but the serving was too big for me that I wasn't able to finish all of it.

Katsudon for me :D

Oyako Don for Nazi.

The chopsticks were such a struggle to use.haha

I wanted to try out their California Sushi roll which looked really yummy on the menu but I was so full already, I decided to try it next time. We dared each other to try eating with the chopsticks but then after a while, it was such a struggle, we eventually gave up and asked for spoons and fork instead.haha. The Japanese couple on the other table didn't seem to have any problem with it. Duh, they're Japanese!

The resto's interior design.

 After eating, we wanted to go window shopping to burn out the calories we just ate so we headed to Mint which was having their sale, yet again. I always loved Mint dresses, I think they're made for the vertically challenged people like me.haha. I tried on a couple of clothes and I immediately fell in love with a little black dress I found on sale. I wanted to purchase it right away but then I remembered I didn't have any money left.  Boo-freakin'-hoo

Pretty LBD right? And yes, I love my neon nails too!

If that dress would still be there when I come back, then we are really meant for each other.haha.

As we were about to go home, we stopped for a while to watch a band perform at the center of the mall. They were really good and a couple of people were stopping by to watch. 

Even if I was too broke to purchase the dress, I was to able to buy a Jude Devereaux book at the booksale for less than a hundred and a sheer blouse from Miss Couture which was also marked down from it's original price. By now, you already have an idea how thrifty I can be.haha

I'm gonna give you the deets on that book once I've finished reading it. Keep posted!



  1. my gaaash biang! same day pod ata ta nagteriyaki boy!

  2. really eun?haha.sayang, wa ta ngkita. :c