Saturday, October 1, 2011

Something new

I could not keep my excitement after I received my first and last pay (kind of like a part-time job) this week. And you wanna guess where my feet led me? To the mall!! 

All I wanted to buy was a pair of uhh-mazing shoes I saw last week which I couldn't take my mind off. It haunts me you know! But when I passed a store on the second floor, and I could only kick myself for going there, I saw that they had dresses on sale (and a lot of other stuff too). And my eyes instantly zoomed in on this dress! Well, there was quite a lot of them, but when I put this on, it was just puhr-fect!

The sheer detail on the right and on the back made my heart drop.

I have to apologize for the quality of the picture, which totally did not do justice to the dress, but I swear it really looks sexy and elegant at the same time. And my sister had to take this picture hurriedly 'coz she has yet to do some chores for know I'm just making excuses,right?

I also bought jeans, which was also on sale, by the way.

Jeans from Mint..
 And now..(drum roll pls), I present to you the latest addition to my humble shoe rack, my new Parisian wedges!! Woot Woot!! And believe me, it doesn't cost much at all.  I was in ecstacy when I got a hold on this, and I couldn't stop smiling even if I was going home broke, once again.haha.

Still on the box.

A much much closer

I had to convince my mom it was all worth it. And she only had her brows to raise.haha
What do you think?