Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Warning: This post is picture heavy. Some of the photos are too cute to be filtered out. teehee ^^

I have been itching for this event for a couple of days now. Every year, SM Mall organizes different events for Halloween and one of the most awaited part (well, for me.haha) is the trick or treat for kids of all ages. Instead of the usual asking of candies and goodies from different houses, they were to go trick or treating from the different stores in the mall. 

I thought these girls were the cutest. Too bad I only captures it from the back.tsk.

Aren't these babydolls adorable?

Children would wear their Halloween costumes and the best and most creative ones are given prizes at the end of the event. This year, after the trick or treating, the kids were asked to parade their costumes around the mall in a single line. But of course, kids as they are, single line meant more than one.haha. They were lead by a loud band with their majorettes all dressed up too. It's almost like the mall has become a party venue, which was kinda' awesome.

Pumpkin boy, Snow White and Batman were there too :D

Boy, these two really came prepared. If you can only see their wardrobe.haha

These cutie-patoooies I just had to take a picture of.

And since I came alone, I had the luxury of chasing the kids with the cutest outfits without someone whining not far behind. Although it took me some balls to ask the parents if they were willing to let their children be photographed by a stranger, they were very gracious enough to say yes. :D

I think these girls are 'barkada'. They were inseparable the entire time.

This guy giving his treats had his costume on too.

Kids were all over the place, running, jumping, crying, and whining about their costumes. And of course, where kids are, stage parents are also there with their cameras on hand, running behind their kid, nudging their not-so-confident and a-little-shy prince or princesses. And most of them looked proud of how adorable their little kids are.

Those were twins! Cute!

The tough guys!

I'm in love with that little prince and that pirate!

This last picture of a boy had eyes swooning all over him. He was definitely the crowd's favorite. Not only was his costume believable, it was also very unique and one of a kind. I was bit worried for the boy though, he seemed to be very uncomfortable with it. I mean, it's not easy having that costume and walking all over the mall. Oh how parents can be!

The center of everyone's attention. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the program to know who the winners were. But judging from the pictures, you already know who I'm rooting for.haha


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