Friday, October 28, 2011

Awesome Finds

I went to the mall yesterday and indulged myself with my weekly visit at National Bookstore. But this time, I wasn't drooling on books, instead my attention was caught with these awesome pieces.

Have you ever experienced putting your earphones as untangled as you can but when you pull it out, it magically tangles itself? This happens to me almost all of the time. So when I saw this cute dog earphone winder, I just had to buy it!
Happens all the time.haha

Earphone winder for 20php only at NBS

I also bought Vapur, the anti-bottle water container. I've seen this a few months ago from a friend but when I went to NBS, they ran out of stock. So, when I saw this on the racks, I was more than elated! What with all the features , how can you not be convinced? They also have it in different colors to your liking with a price less than 50php.

How cool is this?

Got mine in pink!
As a book lover, I always have a thing for bookmarks. But I kinda' got bored with the usual one that has a string on it, so I got myself a new one. You can use this folded bookmark by just putting it on the edge of the page of the book you are reading. Does the same purpose, but without the usual string on it. 

Can you believe I didn't even spend a single peso with these buys? I was able to accumulate enough points in my NBS card to purchase all of it.haha. Lucky me!

Now this next one I was able to buy at Robinson's. For a while now, I have been looking for a sleeping mask to aid me in my sleep. Since the baby of my sister came along, the lights in our room has always been kept on even at night. And I find it hard sleeping with the lights on. I finally saw one which comes in different designs and since it's almost Halloween, I decided to go for this:

I could use this for halloween.haha

I sound like I'm advertising with the way I wrote this post.haha 

Anywhoay, I'm thinking of showing you what I carry along in my bag in my next post. Keep posted!


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