Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

WARNING: This is a feeble attempt of me trying on some poses like all the fashionistas out there.And I say feeblelol.

After the mass earlier today, me and my sister had this idea of getting snapshots just to pass the time. When it's Sunday, there's really not much to do in the morning since the mall is still closed and when you're left with nothing to do, the weirdest ideas materialize.

Location: Parent's bedroom. This was the only room in the house where there was actually a free space. And since this is my first time doing this (I'm not usually the camwhoring type), I didn't have the guts to do it outside the house or anywhere else where someone could see me besides my sister, who was by the way my photog for this so-called "project".
I don't know how to do those not-looking-at-the-camera-but-still-manages-to-look-cute poses.haha
Look, all my veins are sticking out! ew!
The shoes I'm wearing has been one of my favorites since ever! And it's the oldest one in the bunch, if you look at it closely, you'd notice the skin peeling off a little already. If this one ever retires, I'm gonna replace it with just the same model. I love how it gives an extra ooomph when I'm just wearing a plain outfit.

Cat connector ring and elephant necklace!
That wall need to be repainted! haha 

Credits to my sister who took all the shots. I'll try my best to do better next time.haha

What I'm wearing:

  • sleeveless top from Artwork
  • blue blazer from Mom's Closet (literally.haha)
  • black pants from Hotstuff
  • flats still from Artwork
  • necklace, ring and studded bracelet from Aizilym
  • twist leather bracelet from What a Girl Wants


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