Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Special

Yes, this is yet another food entry. I think I've been making a lot of 'em lately. But this one's different.

How so?

It's been weeks since the family dined out in a good resto and me and my sister couldn't wait to try out the newly opened Gerry's Grill downtown. We begged mom on the way home from church to try it out, she hesitated a bit, but eventually caved in afterwards.

This was the place fully packed on a Sunday evening.

Sister and mom
Good thing we arrived early at the place, there were only a couple of diners around. And we were situated by the window which was pretty cool. After a good 15 minutes, the place was slowly filled up and I saw some familiar faces with their families too.

Coco Fish Fingers. This one is really good. 
We were supposed to order some baked scallops for appetizers bu it was not available so we went for the fish, which was actually really good.

Nilagang Bulalo which was served cold. I mean not really but we prefer our bulalo suuuper  hot.

Sizzling Pusit ala Pobre. This one was my favorite. And it's sizzling!

Their menu mostly consisted of Pinoy delicacies which I have been dying to eat since a week full of calorie-filled, American and Italian-inspired food tripping. 

Leche Flan for dessert.
Nothing beats Pinoy food shared with family. And that for me, makes this post different from any other food entries I've made in the past few days. And I always admire restaurants that practices good customer service and this one made us feel at home.

Excellent food and good service, what more could you ask for? 



  1. biang? i think something's wrong here..or is it just my comp? the pic for the "nilagang bulalo..." was a pic of Claire of Stolen from Grandma..I got excited when I saw a pic of her coz I though naa ka i-insert na sumthing about her..basin na-overlook lang nimu..

    anyway, good for you your gerry's exp was memorable! twas memorable too for me but on a not so peachy note. hahah!

    i think i wanna try the pusit ala pobre next time ;)

  2. really?? akong gi check eun, dli man..bulalo gyud xa.hahaha

    yah, try it next time eun :D