Saturday, October 22, 2011

When Ivy met Kryzzzie

 When I learned the other day that Ms. Kryz Uy was going to be in the same city that I was, I totally flipped out!  I even tweeted her what time she would be at What a Girl Wants, feeling close that I am, but she dint reply. I had no idea what time she would be there, so I decided to go there after lunch.

I immediately went to the store and acted like I was gonna buy something. Well, I did buy something, a leather adjustable bracelet, just to make the act believable <laff>.  And when I had the chance, I asked the saleslady, as cool and nonchalant as I can, if Ms. Uy was gonna be there today and she said, she was gonna be there at around 3pm. I looked at my watch, realizing I still have 2 and a half hours to wait for her. Since I wasn't able to eat lunch because of my excitement, I went to KFC for some finger lickin' goodness. And yes, I was that determined that I was willing to wait. lol. 

My all-time favorite, Chicken Ala King. Yum!
A closer look.
This was the adjustable bracelet that I bought.

 I was able to grab a copy of What a Girl Wants' mini magazine and as I was browsing through, I came across a very familiar face. Ms. Andrea Monaterio, a fellow Kagay-anon, photographed by Mr. Bon Aserios, was featured for her winning look. And guess what she won? A 10,000php  worth of shopping spree at WAGW! *jealous*
Ms. Monasterio's winning look.

I had to walk the whole mall just to kill the time and I swear, I couldn't contain my excitement.haha. I went back to the store by 3pm and lo and behold, there she was pretty as can be. I was so starstruck that I dind't have the nerve to approach her, so instead of going straight inside the store, I made a detour to the store beside it. I decided I needed to brace myself first before officially meeting her. After a couple'a minutes, I went back to the store and to my disappointment, SHE WAS NOT THERE ANYMORE!  I waited for another half hour and she didn't come back. Boo me!

My shoes were taking a toll on my feet so I decided to go home and wallow into depression. On the way home, I wanted to check out twitter to see if she tweeted something about her whereabouts.haha stalker much? So I dropped by an internet cafe around Divisoria and I  surfed for a good 5 minutes only just to check twitter and when I didn't find anything, I just had to go back. 

While I was in the commute, I realized my phone was missing. OH CRAP, I forgot my phone at the cafe! MAJOR EPIC FAIL! I could only pray it was still there when I get back.

I look like a retard next to her.haha. So pretty!

There was so much adrenaline in me that I didn't have time to be shy when I approached Ms. Uy. The happiness of having to see her again was mixed with terror knowing anyone could have a hold of my phone and never return it. After taking a picture, I was able to chat a little with her and went immediately back to the cafe to ask if they saw a phone left at the 3rd computer. I felt so relieved when they handed it to me, I could hug them.haha 

I would like to thank the lady who offered to take my picture with Kryz Uy. I think I was not able to thank her in such a hurry to get back to the cafe. I would also like to express my gratitude to the young gentlemen who were honest enough to return my phone. Thank you so much!

I dint mean for this to be a long post. I always get carried away when telling a story.haha


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  1. i also had a pic with her biang! whaaaaaa! makabuang. pagsulod nkus WAGW xa dretso akong nkita, nagfreeze jud ko baaaaah! nyahahahah!