Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching up

As I found this on my draft, I told myself I have got to post something as close to the time it happened 'coz my memory always fail me. Sometimes, when it takes too long, I forget about the nitty gritty details of what happened during that time.

Anywhoay, me and my friend Tiffany decided to catch up on some things since we haven't seen each other for like forever. She wanted to borrow some of my Paulo Coelho books anyway which makes up for a good excuse to meet up. She has been a busy bee with her work that she always turns down my invitations for a good chat. I envy her actually, at least she's doing something with her life while I'm at home bumming my ass off.

Waiting in vain for my date.
Funny how I just talked about the betrayal of my memory when I remembered how EPIC FAIL this meet-up turned out. Tiffy told me to come earlier so we could have more time for chikas, but again I was running late, by the time I was on the commute, I forgot the main reason why I was meeting up with her. Yes, God forbid, I forgot the books she was suppose to borrow. I almost wanted to kick myself for such stupidity. 

Yes, I was hungry.haha
So I texted her about the mishap and thank God, she still pushed through with the meeting. We decided to eat lunch at Greenwich and although I had to wait for a while 'coz it turns out, she was the one who got late ( making even our offenses.haha ), I had fun during our chikas nonetheless.

We actually had the same order but the waiter accidentally gave the wrong one to her.
After lunch, since I was waiting for my appointment with the dentist, I invited myself to their quarters to pass the time. She is working as a Secretary and a Medical Emergency Responder at HELP RESCUE 411, which is basically like the 911 in the United States. She is one of the few included in the first batch which I was also supposed to be apart of, but since some other opportunities came, I had to bail.

My photo of her in her office.
Ever since college, she was always fond of the Emergency Department during our exposures in the hospital. She likes the adrenaline and the rush it entails to be able to save lives which is why it didn't come as a shock to me that she chose this field over an experience to work as a nurse in a certain hospital. Although I know she is tired of her everyday work, I know this is what she truly wants because she is with her kind of people, as she says. I was glad to meet some of her funny and hospitable co-workers also.

Tiffy with her co-workers.

Wow, I never meant for this entry to be this long. I have got to organize my posts next time. I guess this serves as an ad for them as well. 

If ever a life needs saving, never hesitate to call 411 ( for CDO only, if I'm not mistaken ) 

*some photos grabbed from her Facebook account.


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