Monday, October 10, 2011

We'd like some haircut please.

For the second time already, my nephew had to have his hair cut again. I don't know, his hair seems to grow faster than a white-throated needletail. So my sister and I decided to have him semi-bald which meant more hair to cut and longer crying sessions. My oh my, did he have a fit, almost wanted to stab everybody with scissors and threw everything he could have a hold of. 

This was his take before everything started.
Look at his bloodshot eyes after all the crying. Poor thing!
This part of the hair was left uncut for a more badass look
After the salon, we headed for some refreshments. And this is the reason why I love going out with my sister, she pays for everything!!

Yummmy Sundae from Jollibee!

He looked mighty proud with his new haircut, he kept smiling at himself at the rear view mirror all throughout the ride back home.



  1. hahaha...from good boy look to a badass look! haha. cutie gab, big boy na dyud!

  2. i love gab. he's so cute.. ;)

  3. How cute...:) i can imagine his outburst of indignation hehehe i can relate JOKE lang =))