Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hair you go!

I've been subjecting my hair to this kind of 'do for a while now. It's the quickest thing I could come up with whenever it was too hot or worse, having a bad hair day. 

You see, I've rebonded my hair a year ago and when it became too long just a couple of months ago, and my original coarse hair was growing back to life, I decided to cut 'em on the shoulder level. Now, I can't wait for my hair to grow again. I'm planning on having it undergo perming when it's long enough but I think I'd have to wait till next year to achieve best results. Gah! Can't wait!

I'd have to content myself with ponytails and updo's until my hair grows longer. I'm thinking of coloring it too! Whadyya think?


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