Friday, September 9, 2011

Accueillez en arrière! (Welcome back!)

So how does this work again?? After  months of “hibernating” as I may put it, I’m planning to start on this all over again, and hopefully this time,  be able to stick with it. 

It was not until yesterday when a friend asked me to follow her blog that I remembered mine, which quite frankly and sadly, was already buried into the deepest part of my  temporal lobe. I guess a got a little too preoccupied with life and the what-nots of it.

So bear with me for a lot has already happened that is still to be written (and I pray to God I will have the time and the same enthusiasm that I had before, to continue blogging). 

As I bum into my bunk bed and ponder on my next post, why not scroll back to the posts I made a few months ago? I guarantee you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Yes, that's me with my red nails!
And hey, don’t forget your speech for my “welcome back” party. Kiddin’ of course.



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  2. why, thank you :D your blog looks great too!

  3. WELCOME BACK!!!!!