Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweet Victory!

Arrival at the hotel with my friends.
“Every great achievement is the victory of a flaming heart.”, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. It was just like yesterday when CON BATCH 13 dreamed of this victory and after the results of the December 2010 nursing board exams came out, we celebrated as if booze do not deserve another day. Finishing off second  nationwide with a passing rate of 98% and with 2 topnotchers, and you wonder why this is all a big deal? We have been aiming for this from the time the review started and we worked our asses of, burning our midnight candles, and now we reap the fruits of our labor.

Venue before the start of the program.

Ms. Eden Cagas rockin' her edgy ensemble.

I arrived at Dynasty Court Hotel around 7 in the evening with my friend Zhy Murillo, bumping into some of our batchmates while making our way to the 6th floor. We were greeted with smiles, hi’s and hello’s of the then nursing students who are now demanding to be called RN’s. The so-called ‘angels of the sick room’ ditched their plain white uniforms and scrubs with sexy frocks, LBD’s, and platform heels. 

It was a night meant to celebrate the victory after all the hard work, sleepless nights, and even the never-ending dilemma of which review center to trust and go to. And now, we have proven that it was never about the review centers, it was about us and the school which molded and helped us to be where we are right now.

Party people!
Wacky nurses!

With earrings as big as her personality,
host and President of the batch, Alora

Hosting the night away was Ms. Alora Sasam, the president of our batch, funny and witty as always. Joining her was Mr. RJ Dalida, who did an amazing job as well. The program kicked off with hot production numbers from selected people in the batch and an inspiring message from our Dean Ramona Heidi Palad, who is and always will  be our stage mother. The ever-charming President of the University, Fr. Jett Villarin SJ, who will be leaving the university in the next school year, also gave his speech. Videos reminiscing the past were played and an idea of a possible future career was also presented. 

Me together with the University President, Fr. Villarin and Dr. Ramona Palad,
Dean of the College of Nursing

Ms. Jessa Andalan, 5th placer and Micaela de Guzman, 10th placer were also interviewed by the hosts and we couldn’t have been more proud of their success. The night danced away with people singing and dancing, cameras flashing, and just merely catching up with friends, this might be our last get-together as a batch after all. While some people (like me, I know such a buzz killer, but I was too tired, really!) opted to go home after the party, some continued their after-party somewhere in the city and woke up still with a hangover the next day. But then again, it was very well worth it.

With the 5th and 10th place top notchers, Jessa and Micah
With friends Allira, Yani, and Nikki

With Yani, Zhy, and Tiffy

Credits to Ms. Iriane Tagapulot, who looked lovely in her brown-laced mini dress and Ms. Meg Damole, who looked stunning as well, for the pictures (yah, loser again for not bringing my own camera). Thanks to Tiffany Ilano, who was captivating in her striped green and blue top, and Zhy Murillo, who graced the event with a black and white ensemble, for the company that night.

 Sweet, sweet victory indeed!


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