Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pretty Quirky

As I was ranting some fun facts about chocolates in my recent post, I suddenly had an instant compulsion to share some of my own. And the runner up for the title? The Curious Case of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl. Not bad ‘eh? Okay, maybe a little too wordy.Oh well, here goes nothing.

1. I tend to forget things easily almost all of the time. Even if someone just said it to me, I forget about it in about 30 seconds..or maybe more..but that’s not the point. I think I might die of Alzheimer’s or just forgetting how to breathe. Yikes!

2. I can’t swim. And I could only blame myself for being too paranoid when I was younger. ‘Coz now, as much as I love to do swimming, I’m just too scared to learn it anymore. A fortune teller once told me I would die drowning. True Story.

3. I love seafood, especially crabs and shrimps. I know, not good for the diet, but who cares? I’m not even into one.

4. I am not a gadget person. Although sometimes I envy those fancy pants who have the latest Iwhatever, I usually prefer buying new clothes and shoes than the latest model of IPhone or tag-along-the-neck SLR’s.

5. I love solitary walks early in the morning. It makes me think of things I’m usually too busy thinking about when I’m  working.

6. I am a sucker for soap operas especially the romantic ones. I mean there are those that are really cheezy but somehow others just make me feel ’kilig’ sometimes (talk about being hopeless romantic!)

7. When I drink using a straw, I always end up biting it. Orally fixated, maybe?

8. I am not the most organized person that you’ll meet. I am the only one in my circle of friends who actually doesn’t have an organizer. My friend gave me once as a gift and I was only able to use the January part of it, and the rest of the year was not filled up at all, heck, I don’t even know where that organizer is now. And another  thing, you don’t wanna go inside my room. Trust me.

9. I hate being yelled at and sometimes, when I can‘t really hold it in, I cry. I just don’t understand why some people shout or yell at another person when it’s easier to just talk calmly. Less energy used and no one gets emotionally hurt. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

10. I’m a self -confessed and self-labeled fashion-atic. Although if you see me in person, you wouldn’t easily identify because sometimes I dress like I just came out of bed (well, not really but you get the point). I am more into dressing up other people and I love the feeling of being able to dress someone up.

So that’s it! I hope I didn’t bore you with all these non-sense. But hey, we might bump into each other one day, then you’d know where to treat me for dinner. Or if not, I know a good prawn house just around the corner.  We all have a certain quirkiness in each one of us , I’d love to hear one of yours.


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