Friday, September 23, 2011

Great friends, good times, warm hearts

I have totally secluded myself from the outside world by locking myself up in my room for the past two days because of And I miss my friends big time so I wanted to dedicate this post to them and to the lazy, hazy, crazy days we had way back when we still had a life. I'll warn you ahead, this is not for the faint-hearted for this will be a very long post.

I haven't seen much of them for the past months because of conflicting schedules and different priorities and I swear the things that I have to tell them are piling up like crazy. 

I think this was the first picture we had together during the Alumni Homecoming
We call ourselves booboo or boo for short and I bet you wouldn't guess how we've come up with that name. Since we were in the nursing field, and maybe just got way caught up with all the hullabaloos of nursing, one of my barkada gave birth to that name, I'm not sure now which one of them, because of our blood types. Two of us have blood types "B" and the other two have "O". I mean, that is the weirdest way to come up with a name, but somehow, it just stuck and that's how we call ourselves up until now.

From left: Yani, Tiffy, Eden, Zhy and me
 It's amazing how fate works because three of us, Yani, Zhy and Me were already friends and classmates way back in high school but we were never really that close, especially Yani because since she is the smartest and the most studious among us, on the second year, she was transferred to the honor's class. Meanwhile, me and Zhy were the ones who really got close throughout high school. Tiffy, on the other hand, was kind of the late addition to my friends because although I knew her way back in high school, it was in 2nd year college that we really got close.

In greenwhich, doing our 'nag level-up ka na' actions
 We have this tradition of going out and treating each other during our birthdays and of course, giving gifts to each one during Christmas. Every time we eat out, we try to go to different restaurants especially the new ones that we haven't tried out yet, which explains why some of the pictures taken either has food on the table or food in our mouth.haha.

This was Christmas in 2009 at PJoe's I think.

We couldn't even contain the excitement we had for our gifts.

This was Yani's birthday at a restaurant called Rio, which turned out to have such a good ambiance and the food was very tasty but affordable at the same time.
And because Zhy is very passionate about cooking, we forced her to cook for us and let us be the judge of her work. And she passed with flying colors.haha

They also had an overnight at our house and of course, food didn't go MIA, always present.

We got all glammed up for the Senior's night in college and the theme? Vintage.

This was during our review for the board exam, and yes, there was a color coding for each day, which explaind the blue, black and green motif. haha
 During birthdays also, we always ask the crew at the restaurant to sing Happy Birthday for us in front of everybody which was kind of embarrassing at first but we got used to it after a while.

This was me during my 20th birthday at Bigby's

This was during Christmas in 2010 with Benjie, Tiffy's long time boyfriend.

 I think the next three pictures was one of the most bongga and fun night that we had. It was Zhy's birthday in 2010 and we decided to really dress up for that night just for fun. We even surprised Zhy by telling her that her boyfriend <insert rolling of eyes here> wouldn't be able to come but then in the middle of dinner, he just popped out of nowhere with a bouquet of flowers on hand. And the look on Zhy's face? PRICELESS.haha. After dinner, we also went to check out the newly opened Starbucks in the city.

There's this yearly tradition in our school every December called the Xavier days which is a 3-day event of no class, with fireworks, horror house and booths all over the place. The picture below was during that event and we decided to wear shorts, well mine is a dress but it's still above the knee, so that still counts. And BTW, that background looks like a fireworks display but it's not, it's actually a tree with a series of lights hanging on it's branches. I just thought this was cool.
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This was during our visit at the monastery in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

With our gifts during Christmas

Tiffy, Yani and Zhy with my nephew, Gab

During Yani's birthday at La Tegola, an Italian restaurant

This was during our TV appearance at a local TV show after we passed the NLE
 Boo, I remember way back when we would still hang-out and just talk about our dreams and ambitions in life. Now, each of us are slowly making that dream come true. And though this may cause us to be away from each other for quite some time, I know deep in our hearts, we truly hope and pray for each other's success and I always try my best to catch up with you as much as I can. I hope that someday, when time would allow, we would spend time with each other again, just hanging out, being silly and not think about the patients we still need to care for or tests about each single cell and muscle of the body. Just plain fun.

I miss you three.

xoxo, biang

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