Saturday, September 17, 2011

At last!

After almost six months of waiting, I finally got my professional license! God knows how many times I've been to the office to check if it has arrived from Manila already and I swear, they fail me everytime. Those who applied later than me even got their license waaaaay ahead of me, I almost lost hope. But it's all worth the wait. I Know it doesn't make me less of a professional without the license but having to hold it in my hands is just overwhelming. And I was relieved beyond words when I saw that the picture they used was the better looking one.haha!  Aright, enough chitchat.Here's what it looks like: 

Sorry for the quality of the pic, I just used my phone 'coz I can't find my camera. I've also been very idle this past few days, hence the dearth of any posts. But there'll be a lot of events next week so I hope I would be able to post something new and exciting. Keep posted


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