Monday, September 26, 2011

I do.

It's way past midnight and my eyelids are desperately hanging on for dear life. I'm sorry, I just had to post this.

I have always been of a fan of weddings. I think with all the issues and debates on teenage pregnancy and divorce right now, it's still very heartwarming to see couples tie the knot and saying their 'til death do us part vows. It makes you want to believe in true love again. 

The couples' oh-so-romantic invitation
 It was on a Saturday afternoon and I went to the wedding with my mom and two sisters. It was actually the wedding of my sister's sister in law and I wasn't supposed to go but I thought I haven't been to weddings lately and maybe I just wanted to torture myself again with the constant thought of my single I also thought this was going to be a fancy wedding so I just had to tag along. We even arrived late so we were seated at the back of the chapel.

I know I probably looked silly to the person right behind me 'coz I was desperately trying to get the perfect shot
of the chapel's ceiling. So nice, right?

A closer look.

And since we were seated at the back, this was the most decent picture I could get of the couple and their family.

Check out this vintage ring I bought just for the occasion.

 The wedding ended at around 3:30 and there was still a wedding to be held next so we headed to the reception place immediately. We were the first ones to arrive at the hotel so I got the chance to snap some shots of the place without looking all ignorant.teehee!

At the hotel's lobby

This was the centerpiece of our table.

The stage where the couple will be sitting. See, still no people. haha

Again, I had to take a picture of the ceiling and I swear, this totally set up the mood
 for the place.

I took this a shot of the little flower girl who was checking out her reflection in the glass. SO cute!
 There was still a program before the start of the early dinner and I swear, I was totally starving the whole time because I wasn't able to take my lunch. And it seems like God heard my stomach growling right just about time when the host announced that there was some 'pica-pica' or finger foods served at the back of the room. Thank God!

Can you imagine I was trying to get the food and taking pictures at the same time?haha. But yey! Chocolate Fountain!

Delish brownies!

I was too excited to eat this Mango Mousse but it turned
out to be too sweet for me.

This was the couple's giveaway. Parang Royal wedding lang ang peg. haha

Wedding Cake :D
I knoooow, I look fat.haha
I was so tired when I got home but when I jumped into my bed, I couldn't help but wonder how I would feel if I would stand up on that altar one day. Would I be able to say I do?

And then I snapped back into reality and realized I have yet to find my prince!haha


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