Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost in Paradise

As I was browsing through my Facebook photos, i stumbled upon these pictures which was uploaded a year ago. I knooooow, this is a very late post, but I assure you, this is so worth it! Anyway, I have been begging my friends to come to Bohol with me for I dunno how long already, so after graduation, much to my delight, two of them finally said yes.  My parents were originally from Bohol and relatives were all over the place, so it was not that hard to go there. I just made some phone calls, packed our bags, and off we go!

We arrived at about 4 am in the morning and my uncle picked us up

This was the house of my aunt where we stayed the entire trip there.

Sarah, moi, and Alora 

This was our very spacious room inside the house
 On the first day, we had to visit my grandparents in their barrio where my father grew up. It was quite far away from the city but I had to do my courtesy call there so I tagged my friends along. In the afternoon, we went back to the city and my aunt took us to some of the tourist spots there.

We got bored after a while so we took some pictures by the coconut trees. Yes, we were that

We went to see Prony, the humongous python. I was so excited you have no idea.haha 

As excited as I was, this was the closest I could get. Any inch closer and I'm gonna have a heart attack.

I think this was the trainor and I remember, he even kissed this freakishly huge snake. I was like "Wooooow.." and then I went like "Eeeewww, she just kissed the snake!"
We also went to see the famous tarsier, which my friends couldn't get enough of.
 On the second day, it was more like an adventure day. I have been dying to go to Danao Adventure Park and try the Plunge. It's kind of like bungee jumping but instead of jumping, you get tied into a rope and then they release you into nothingness. I told myself I will not leave this place until I've tried that. So we had to wake up early 'coz the place was like a 3-hour ride away from the city. And I tell you, it was not a very pleasant ride. The road was not cemented at all and it was very hot so when we arrived, we were all covered in dust and sweat at the same time. But of course I thought, this will all be worth it. And it was.
Did I tell you we had to sit at the back of the pick-up car?

Finally, we arrived!

The line at the Plunge was very long so we decided to ride the cable cars while waiting.

This was the view from the top of our cable car. 
They had to take a picture of me before i take The Plunge. 
 For some reasons, I cannot upload the video so if you want too see it, click here

We went to Sagbayan Peak afterwards

The famous Chocolate Hills

There was a local dance presented to everyone at the restaurant
 On our last day, we went to the most amazing and breathtaking beaches in Panglao. I could describe it to you but naw, i'll let the pictures do that for me.

Looks a lot like Boracay, eh?

Look at the view of the place. 

This almost looks like a pictorial.haha

Yes, places like this really do exist.

We went kayaking afterwards.

My henna tattoo
And before we left, we decided to get henna tattoos for remembrance. I swear I was as tan as I could get when I arrived back in CDO but you know what, it was all worth it. This trip would not have been as fun as it is without my friends. Thank you Sarah and Alora for coming with me. I know you had fun too. 

I wish everyone would get the chance to go to this place. It is literally paradise here on earth. So, what did you guys do last summer? I'd love to hear your awesome adventures too!!



  1. OMG!! i loooooove the shots of the beach. I feel so bad I haven't been to Bohol :S

  2. haha..let's go there when you come back rex..i swear the beaches there does wonders. :D