Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hustle Bustle

Today was so hectic, I almost forgot what day it is. Wanna guess? It's Sun-freakin'-day and it felt like my week just started. I had to pick up some clothes for a wedding, and then run some errands for an upcoming birthday party. I could mention that I was able to sleep for an hour which turned out to be a bad idea 'coz I got late for my afternoon appointment ( which I hated so much because it was so embarrassing on my part). And then I had to run back to the house again to change and go to mass. Before I went home, I had to drop by the supermarket to buy some groceries..which then, leads us to the picture below.

 I knew I had to sleep late so I bought Stik-o, my favorite wafer stick, although, technically there are only like 3 kinds of it but whatever, I like this waaaay better. I also snagged some fresh milk along with it. And the reason why I had to sleep late tonight, aside from the tapes I had to transcribe, is this:

Adam Levine of Maroon 5
Oh wait, this.
The voice was on and I can't dare miss an episode.
And this.

Masterchef US Season 2
 I swear I switched channels as often as I change clothes in the morning trying to find the perfect outfit. I wouldn't miss Adam for the world. It's like our weekend date or something ( i have to lol with this,hahaha). Okay, sorry for that. So, how'd your weekend go?


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