Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Legendary Summer

A few months ago, before it occurred to me that i really needed a job ( which totally sucks), I actually had a life. Me and my friends wanted to enjoy the summer before it ended so we decided to go to the beach and have fun!
It was still early when we arrived so there were only few people around.

Group pic: Naihma, Meg, Binque, Quinzy, Eden and me

Me and Tiffany

Another group shot

Quinzy and me

Painted my nails neon!

We had neon slippers too!

You'd never know how many times we had to do this to
capture the perfect jump shot.haha

I thought this was a great shot of us.
We never planned to ride this so we just posed and took a shot right next to it.
We couldn't contain ourselves so we decided to ride it nalang.haha
And off we go!

We had individual photoshoots and mine was this.

All I remember looking back was that I had a fun. Thanks to Meg and Eden for bringing their cameras and producing legendary pictures like this. To Binque and Quinzy for the ride home. And to Nyma and Tiffany for the company. Good times like this are definitely priceless and I'm glad I spent that day with you.


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