Monday, September 19, 2011

To Mondays and New Beginnings!

Since I didn't have much plans for today, I decided to go with my sister for my nephew's very first haircut. And yes, I was the photographer/nanny/baggage counter the whole time. We had to stop by the area where kids could ride this toy cars to calm him down before going to the salon.

My sister with his son, Gab

And to our surprise, the salon also had these toy car thingy for kids. how cool is that?

Look how long his hair already is

He was having fun up until his barber came along.haha
And as soon as the barber introduced himself, he wanted out of that car pronto!

His mom had to carry him all throughout to keep him from throwing a tantrum.ahaha 

On the way home, we grabbed some delish cookies from a new cafe downtown. 

Cookies from Slick Cafe

I apologize big time for not posting my nephew's new haircut, I'm too tired to wrestle him for it. And I will be posting pictures about the new cafe I just mentioned once I get my hands on the wheel and have the courage to drive myself there.haha

On another note, I just discovered that a friend got married today. I have always been a fan of their relationship so I had to insert this post here. They were already lovebirds way back in high school and now, they are about to take on a new chapter of their lives together. Best wishes Karen and Aj!! 


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