Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My sister was a busy bee this past few days in preparation for my nephew's birthday. She was dragging me along everywhere and I couldn't keep up with her enthusiasm. Good thing she already has a car now so I could just stay inside whenever I don't feel like going. She even hired a party organizer for that day, which was awesome by the way. Oooh, that rhymed! haha.

This was the tarp the party organizer had for Gab

Finally, the cupcakes arrived!

Gab's cute and colorful birthday cake.

This was the set-up of the table with the party bags, prizes and some goodies!

Nothing beats Pinoy food! Lechon!
 My sister and everyone else got so busy so I was the photog once again. I'm not whining though, I love taking pictures!
This had candies and goodies inside!

This was a total epic fail 'coz this was supposed to be Mickey Mouse but the head looks like
Minnie's with the eyelashes and lipstick on,  right? haha

After a while, Minnie came along, which had the same person inside, that's why they can't appear together.haha

They had games and pabitin for all the kids. Gab gets to pick first!
 Tiffy and I had to meet somewhere 'coz she was not familiar wih the place. I invited Zhy and Yani too but they were too busy studying for their exams so Tiffy had to come alone.

Tiffy, my only guest, with Gab

We had ice cream too!

Birthday boy getting a taste of his ice cream.haha.cute :D

Me with the little birthday boy
 I am in love with this little boy. I never really imagined me having a kid but this guy is an exception. How could I not love him, we share the same bed every night.He wakes me up in the morning and never fails to put a smile on my face. And someday, when he grows up, I want him to think of me as his cool 'tita'.  I hope you grow up to be a responsible, handsome young lad.I love you Gab


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