Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shoe-gasm by Asianvogue Shop

I knoooow I just recently posted an entry about shoes but hey, it can't hurt to have a shoegasm once in a while right?haha. So here's another batch of shoes to drool for from no other than the shoe empire that is Asianvogue Shop

Asianvogue Shop is most well-known for their amazing and on trend array of shoes for all the shoe magpie out there. Every style and design that they have can be seen worn by the top bloggers in the Philippines and they also, are not new to the blogging world since they have been the constant supporter and sponsor to every well-known blog there is. 

They cater to every fashionista's whim and they deliver one of the best qualities of shoes in the market that's why it's no wonder why a lot of customers have been loyal to them ever since. But aside from that, shoes are just one of their expertise, they also have bags and a lot more. So if you're looking for a one-stop shop, Asianvogue Shop is definitely the way to go.

*all photos taken from Asianvogue Shop's online store.

P.S. My blog and Asianvogue Shop might have a collaboration soon so watch out for that!



  1. Wow. Shoe-gasm indeed!

  2. ohhhhh...i just reached orgasm,oppps, i mean shoe-gasm! :D haha

  3. this is heaven! :))

  4. oh my. all shoes so amaziiing.


  5. i love the last pair! :o

    tricia from alarillasisters

  6. The last pair of heels is love. Too colorful, I just died. Haha

    xx, Ren