Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sheer Happiness

I don't know if you noticed but I seldom wear my hair down in my outfit posts. I have been waiting for my hair to grow long enough so that I could perm it but for some reasons, it's been taking forever.haha. I really have to get myself some Goody spin pins to get that wavy effect for my next outfit post. Let's see how that works.

Anyway, on to my outfit. I was feeling extra girly today hence the sheer top and skirt. My bestfriend told me that I should wear make-up in my posts but sad to say, I suck at applying make-up for myself. My only weapons are my powder and lippy. I have yet to learn the other stuff so I'm gonna brace myself for that.haha

Sheer top from Miss Couture

Pleated Skirt from The Urban Emporium

Bag borrowed from my sister and it's thrifted btw. Great find, yeah?

Belt from mom

Brown bangle from WAGW, colored slim one from Shabby Chic 

LOVE connector ring from Aizilym and Oval ring from SM Accessories

Primadonna Shoes
See? I used the same background from my last post. Told yah I'm gonna be overusing this one.haha. It's the one closest to the house and since I haven't yet mastered the art of not caring and minding the stares I got from people passing by, this is the best I could come up with.

By the way, don't you think it's been a while since I've posted a food entry? I might have to post one this week so don't forget to visit :D



  1. Biang, your posts don't appear on my dashboard na lagi. Did you recently change url? Anyhow, I don't mind the photo background and I love the pleated skirt and sheer top. So girly!

    Liz and me are just at home. I'm off to bed now. Nimata ra ko to check my work email. Happy Sunday! :)

  2. Hi Ivs, I told you the miss couture top is a good deal, so fashionable in a cheaper version...your look is so lovely, hehehe... I am trying to look like that too.

  3. You look great and very girly. I really love the pleated skirt. It's so on trend and flirty too, love the way you styled the whole look.