Sunday, January 8, 2012

All gray on a Sunday

I knooow, how lame can my title get?haha. In my attempt at rhyming, I finally conclude I totally suck at it. But hey, at least I tried.haha

So as my title boasts, this is what I wore yesterday to mass. I was feeling a little monochromatic hence, the all gray ensemble.

Thrifted dress and cover-up.

DIY: Scarf turned to neck piece. 

Bangle from WAGW, Bow Ring from Aizilym
Parisian flats.
Me and my sister decided to shoot outside our neighbor's house and I finally braved all the stares from people passing by. I think I might overuse this location in my future posts.haha. 

What do you think about the scarf I turned into a neck piece? My family thinks it looks like a garland but I like how it pops color to the outfit so I just wore it.Yeah, I'm weird like that. Plus, wearing flats was probably not the best idea, I look short, :c Or should I say, I look my normal size.haha

Anyway, I might be giving another awesome giveaway this week so stay tuned! :D



  1. I like how you made your scarf a necklace, so unique! :)


  2. I like your ballet flats and hurray to braving the stares from other people. Hahaha! Masanay ka na. XD

  3. wow. I like the scarf-turned necklace din. Can you please teach me how?

  4. I love the DIY necklace!