Saturday, January 12, 2013

Girl meets Boy

You saw me at the corner of the room sitting all by myself oblivious to the excited faces and endless chatters of other students about their amazing summer getaway. How no one can top it off because they just had a dinner with this gorgeous local male celebrity, who was a family friend and is unbelievably friendly contrary to the rumors, and the list goes on and on. Being new to the class, I prefer to just be a spectator of everything around me until I get a feel of everyone's personality. You came to me and introduced yourself. I had the decency to introduce myself and then went back to my own little world, too shy to even look you in the eye.

And then the bell rang. Everyone scurried to find their seats next to each other so that they could continue their early gossips of who dated who during the summer break. The teacher came in minutes later evidently trying to get used to the wide-eyed stares of the students in front of him. He seemed to be too young to be handling the class. But very authoritative. I guess he needed that then, or else nobody would listen. He introduced himself briefly and then went on with the house rules and all there is to be done on the first day of class.

For some reasons, after all the useless introductions, the teacher thought it would be better if we sit alphabetically next to each other, according to the first letters of our last names, alternating boys and girls for the sole purpose of getting to know each other randomly. Surprisingly, you were seated right next to me and I almost wanted to sink below my seat. No, nothing's repulsive about you or anything like that. I just was not comfortable being seated next to a guy I barely knew. And then the teacher said this is where we are to be seated for the first quarter of the school year, which is what, almost two months? Great, just great! And I sink more below my seat wishing it would swallow me whole. Gahd, how I hate all this first day drama.

And so I went to school the next day dreading every single second I was seated next to you. I try to ignore you as much as I can simply because I might say the stupidest things. But then you started asking me which class I was from last year and all those getting-to-know-you stuff, even throwing in some jokes in between, which made me even more uncomfortable. But as time passes by, I realized you are so much more fun to talk to than most people in the class. All the anxiety went away by the first week and everything just seemed to be easier when you were around.

But no, this is not our love story. This is just the first meeting of a boy and a girl in highschool. Or so I think it is.

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