Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad Day

Shit happens. And today happens to be my lucky day. Oh well. I have an excuse to ramble.

I just realized lack of sleep doesn't do me any good. It burns out my patience and eats up the remaining brain cells in my head. The added pressure from work doesn't help either. I feel like a bottled mess about to burst in just one single prick. And I did.

Good god, that has to be the lowest I had to feel in such a long time. I don't know which pissed me more, that I took forever resolving an issue while the other person did it single-handedly in just fifteen minutes or the fact that I, of all times, decided not to listen which resulted to a total waste of both of our time. I have never felt so obtuse and idiotic (I couldn't stress that any further) that I almost wanted to curl into a ball and hibernate forever.

I guess I'll just have to comfort myself that I did learn something out of it. I had to. Crying is not an option. Well it is, but I can't. And I promised myself I wouldn't be too hard on me. So breathe in, breathe out and release them negative vibes. Tomorrow is another day.

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