Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Friends

'Thanks Ana, I'll return this as soon as I'm done with that report', I wave at her as I ran back to the library. It's been three weeks since school started and I've been loaded with schoolwork like there's no tomorrow. I almost cried looking at the pile of rubbish at my table thinking I have to finish all of this by tomorrow. Are they kidding me?  I'm never gonna get all of this done, as I rolled my eyes helplessly.

'Hey, is this seat taken?' a familiar voice propped.

'Yes', I say never even bothering to look up. You grab the chair and positioned yourself right next to me ignoring what I just said. Then you habitually mess my hair like your little sister heedless to the fact that I spent all my afternoon fixing it for you. I glare my eyes as you start rummaging through my work. We've become awfully close lately that even if we bicker the whole day, we still end up laughing at our own inside jokes that nobody seems to get. And it surprises me how you are able to put up with my necessity to change moods every other minute.

'So, who was that you were talking to earlier? How do you manage to keep your good-looking friends from me all this time?'

And I pretend not to hear what you just said as I try to untangle my already messed up hair. Realizing you would not drop it off until I come up with a reply, I finally sighed, 'That was my friend from last year, I was just borrowing some notes to finish up this awful report.'

'You really should introduce me to her sometime. I've been eyeing her since last year and I couldn't get a hold of myself when she's around. I try to muster a weak nod as  I felt the pang of jealousy slowly creep over my veins. Yeah, like what you do to me all the time, screams the subconscious in me.

'Hey, I gotta go. Don't get too serious on that stuff. Light up a little, will you?' messing my hair once again as you try to get up and leave. I try to concentrate on my work but failing miserably. Oh, I am so gonna get all of these done as I bury my face in my hands.

As much as I would love for it to be, this is not our love story. We are just friends and this is just the start of the many tiny instances where you unintentionally slowly break my young heart. And I willingly allow it every time.

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