Sunday, January 13, 2013

Girl Gets to Know Boy

'So, you're a smartie huh?' you reply too loudly enough for half of the class to hear. Good thing everyone was too busy huddled up in the corner watching the latest series on someone's laptop. You've been grilling me for the third day now and you relentlessly ask me questions while waiting for the teacher who's twenty-freakin'-minutes late. This is the only time I pray to God the teacher arrives even before we get to the topic of romance. I shudder even with just the thought of it. I've been hastily avoiding that topic since this morning and you seem to enjoy this game too much.

 Finally, the teacher arrives, all grumpy and ready to fire at anybody who dares to look him in the eye. 'And he has the nerve to be angry', I whisper almost inaudibly to you and you smirk back as you try to draw a caricature of him that doesn't even look like him on the back of my notebook. I couldn't stifle my laughter anymore and we giggle like two lovebirds at the back of the class. We've been like this for the past couple of days and although you sometimes annoy me with your all too personal questions, I silently enjoy them as I also get to know more about you in the process.

I found out you've been playing in a band for years and music has been a big part of you ever since. I was almost too shy to share my lack of talent when it comes to music but you seem to never mind. I also found out you love playing sports and was preparing for a try-out anytime next week. And I fiddled my fingers as I relate how physically comatose I can be when it comes to sports. At least, we agree that we both don't like dancing. 'No, no dancing!' and we laugh like complete idiots.

I also found out you were good at Math but not so much in English Literature. You prefer to be silent when you are in deep thought and you can be really sweet when you like someone. You even taught me how to twirl a pen in between my fingers and how you laugh every time I drop the pen and then you demonstrate it patiently back again. Everyday I learn something about you that surprises me and how we are so opposite from each other but too comfortable at the same time.

 But you see, this is not our love story. We are just getting to know each other and I like the little quirky things you do. How I wish those quirky little things never turned into something more that what it should be.

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