Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving On

As much as I would love to post happy thoughts, the past few days' experiences won't allow me to. And I strongly feel the urge to vent it all out here. I'm pretty sure the meager audience that I have (at least I believe I have) will find solace knowing that I also experience these things. But I do apologize because as I am writing this post right now, my thoughts couldn't be more jumbled. And although I know exactly what to write about, I have no idea where to start (or end for that matter). A fair warning: this will be a little wordy.

Oh well, here goes nothin'.

Most of the time, we are all given a lesson in order for us to learn and so that we would know what to do in case something like that happens again. And I just learned that lesson the hard way last Friday when I lost my wallet, with all my ID's, ATM card and half of my salary. Actually, I got disappointed with myself more than the person who stole it. I was always the complacent kind when it comes to my things and maybe it was about time I was taught to be more careful with my belongings.

And then the next day, I received the most awful news. A batchmate texted me that a good friend of ours committed suicide and died. It was really heartbreaking especially that it was unexpected of him to do such a thing. He was always the makulit one and I never thought he had that big a problem that prompted him to end his life. As much as I would like to ask why, only he knows why he did it. And I could never really judge because I will never know how and what he felt during those times.

To Dawe, I will miss you. I pray that you are now in good hands and send my regards to our father okay? :)

Whew! That took all the positive energy out of me. And it's still the first day of the week! I guess the best thing to do now is to just move on. There is nothing we can do with what has already happened but there is still so much to look forward to. Life is beautiful and we should enjoy it while we still can. There will always be trials and difficulties but as they say, God is always bigger than those problems and he will always be there when everything else fails. We just have to trust him.

And I am done ranting!haha.. I hope you all had a great weekend everyone! Let's all start this week with some positive vibes.  :)



  1. Biang, are you still in Cebu now? Gitawag unta ko nimo! Sayanga!

    I feel for you. Just one more push and I am so soclose to killing myself too.