Saturday, April 21, 2012

Miami Rave Party

I had the opportunity to attend the summer GA of our company last week which was held at Vista Mar Beach resort. And since it was a company event, there were a lot of activities, a lot more people and of course, booze was served like it would be banned the next day (I am not even exaggerating.haha).

I was glad I went though 'coz I have been itching to go out and have some R&R because of the stress brought about by work. I was finally able to feel the summer vibe and it was definitely a good way to jumpstart my summer!

While waiting for the bus to transport us to the resort

We had to ride the bus on the way to the resort and when we arrived at the place, we couldn't wait to camwhore.haha. We immediately headed to the beachside to have our photos taken (isn't it too obvious?haha). And if you're wondering why the photos here have different qualities, I had to grab these from my friends since I wasn't able to bring my own camera.

Love this pic!
Project to the nth level. :)
with Donnel, Maco and Marf

Spot the not!
There were a lot of activities before the formal program started to keep all the people abuzz. There was free hair braiding and body painting when we arrived and it went on until around late afternoon. A lot of people were also lining up to get their photos taken at the photobooth, which was funny 'coz it was always around at every event in our company and people couldn't seem to get enough of it. A lot of prizes were also given out but unfortunately we didn't win any. Talk about luck!haha

People queuing to have their hair braided

There were also a lot of people lining up for the body painting
My friend Donnel trying out his stuff.

Some of the body paintings of my friends :)

Of course, we had to have our photos taken at the photobooth!
Vonage Wave 20 group pic :)
Stolen shot by Marf :)
Solo pic :)
I think some of the people went home at the wee hours of the morning but because we were such a buzzkill, we just waited for the food and then we left afterwards. Eat and Run was our motto that night.haha

But even if we left early, I still had fun and I couldn't wait for my next summer escapade! Let's hope there's still more to come *crosses fingers

How's your summer so far?


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