Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food Trip

It's been ages since I've posted a food entry. While this one is a tad bit overdue, it was still one of the best eat-outs I had mainly because, I experienced it with my new acquaintances I now proudly call friends. 

It's a shame how I can't remember the full name of the restaurant but I believe it goes like AA Barbeque or something like that. They have raw food displayed in the counter and you have to choose what you want to order and then they cook it afterwards. The food was actually good, or maybe I was just really hungry that time that I almost ate twice what I normally do.haha.


I forgot the name but this was also really good.

Baked Scallops. I've always wanted to try this one but was disappointed 'coz it was too salty for me. :c

The fish that I devoured shamelessly.haha

See? We were not that hungry.haha

Group picture :)
Thank you Rose for this stolen pic :)
As I can remember, this was a long night. A lot of random things happened and there were a lot of firsts for me. But I'll save all that for future posts, okay?

*credits to Rosalie for all the photos taken

Meanwhile, let's all celebrate Easter Sunday with grateful hearts for our father has finally risen. :)



  1. ahem.. i agree a lot of things happened on that night..oi.. kilig..weehhh! peace biang!;)

  2. I think this one's in AA. Biang, tried to find you in twitter and FB but I did not have any luck. T.T

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    kisses :)

  4. hahaha! what a nice shot on the last photo...
    very natural smile:)
    i followed you..we might follow each others blog...
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