Saturday, April 7, 2012

Truth or Dare

Surprisingly, I am in the mood for creating wordy posts these past few days. Is it too obvious?haha. Don't worry, I'll try to restrain myself this time. No promises though.

I'm gonna start it off with what happened yesterday. And although it's gonna feel like reading a highschooler's diary, I have to let this out or else it's gonna eat me up alive.haha.

It all started with a game, and the loser would have to choose between a truth or a dare consequence. Of course, we all know that whichever one you chose, you can't get away without losing a face. And that's exactly what happened to me because apparently, I was one of the constant losers that night. And no, let's not talk about luck this time.haha

I was actually fine with the dares that my co-trainees shamelessly imposed on me. And I was already fixed on choosing that option up until the game ends. But I don't why my freakishly weird mouth which has a life of it's own chose 'truth' instead of 'dare'. So I silently prayed they wouldn't ask me that constantly abused question, 'Who is your crush in the room?' way back in highschool. But they did. And what have you to do when your crush is sitting almost right next to you? I know what, D-I-E!

It almost took me 5 minutes to answer that question. Which was funny 'coz all those people asking me already knew the answer, all they wanted was a tormenting confirmation from me. The only good thing was that, my crush was sitting with his back against me so I just mouthed his name and thankfully, my prosecutors let me away with it. But of course I alread know he-who-must-not-be-named already had a feeling about it 'coz he was the only decent male present in the room. Awkward.

I know, I know, I should get over it. I feel like throwing up 'coz I know I'm too freakin' old for this. Geez.


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  1. LOL!! awkward indeed..had me laughing as I read through this article.. nice ka, ivy! xD