Thursday, May 3, 2012

Friends for Keeps

A friend asked me yesterday why I was not updating my blog anymore. It took me a while to come up with an answer but ended up saying the most generic answer of all, "I got busy." Although the phrase doesn't scream out an outright lie, it is not an excuse either. So I would like to apologize (for the nth time) for being so inconsistent with my blog posts. Again, I don't have any excuses, and even if I do come up with one, it doesn't suffice and it never will.

Anyway, I'm back in front of the keyboard because I am in the mood for writing. This may be a little long but it's something worth reading.

I will start it off by backtracking. In my attempt at being independent, I decided to pack up my bags and ended up in the not-so-familiar place of Cebu. With nothing but dreams and hopes in my pocket, I was able to find my way eventually and after three short months, I would like to believe I am already settled (in my own definition that is). Of course, there are a lot of what-if's and could-be's along the way but at the end of the day, when I think about the decision that I made, I have no regrets.

There are a lot of things that I have learned that I wouldn't have if I just stayed in my hometown. I met new friends at work and although I've only known them for a couple of months, they are the people I now consider my family here in Cebu. During the times when I miss my family back home, they have been my company and they were able to fill up that void. I've always been "bullied" by these friends but they have taught me a lot of lessons not only in terms of work but most importantly, about life in general. I will always be thankful.

Speaking of friends, the ones I left back home haven't been MIA too even if we are miles apart. There are times when I'm a feeling a little bit under the weather and it's always comforting that aside from snuggling up in my own bed, I always have people who I can talk to and feel a whole better afterwards. When something major happens to me, whether it be something awesome or awful, I know they will be there to listen to me without the fear of being judged for whatever actions I do or decisions I make. They always understand.

Another lesson I've learned is the attitude of owning up to my own mistakes. Way back home, there was always someone to blame for my misfortunes (it's always easier that way) but now that I'm alone, I am responsible for my own self. It's not always easy since it takes a lot of maturity (and I am everything but mature) but I am learning and I am learning every single day.

I have a lot more to share however, I feel like I have already blabbed more than I should for a single post so I will be saving the rest for the next (which I have zero idea when that would be). Geeez. Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!


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